Standard Features For Freedom Trailers

  • 16" O.C. Side Post
  • 16" O.C. Cross Members
  • 24" O.C. Roof Members
  • 8" I-Beam Frame
    (24'-44' Models)
  • 10" I-Beam Frame
    (48' and 52' Models)
  • Dual Drop Leg Jacks
  • .030 White Exterior Metal
  • Semi-Smooth Exterior
  • 36" Side Door
  • Heavy Duty 4000# Ramp Door
  • 81" Interior Height (35.5" Above Riser Deck)
  • 3/8 Plywood Walls
  • 3/4 Plywood Floors
  • ATP Riser Wall w/ Baggage Door
  • (2) Non-Powered Roof Vents
  • Spring Chains on Door
  • Base Cabinet & Steps to Riser Deck
  • Black Painted Frame
  • ATP Step Well at Side Door
  • All L.E.D. Exterior Lights
  • Flat Galvalume Roof
  • E-Z Lube Hubs
  • Dual 5200lb Torsion Axles
  • Triple 7000lb Torsion Axles
    (on 36' and Longer Models)
  • Electric Brakes on All Axles
  • ST 225 15" 6-Lug Radial Tires
    (on Models w/5200# Axles)
  • ST 235 16" 6-Lug Radial Tires
    (on Models w/7000# Axles)
  • White Modular Rims
  • Polished Aluminum Fenders
  • (2) 12 Volt Dome Lights
  • 12v Battery & Solar Charging Panel
  • 2-5/16" Coupler
  • Adjustable Hitch Stem
  • 7-Way Round Bargman Plug
  • No-Show Beaver Tail
  • (4) D-Rings in Floor
  • Luan Ceiling
  • Anodized Front Corners
  • Access Door For Manual Jack
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Options and Packages

Gooseneck Models up to 52' are available. We also offer Economy Gooseneck Models. Call Us for Pricing Info and Details.

Not All Options Are Available On All Models. Call For Details

White is our standard color, but you may choose other colors
for a small additional fee. Please see our Color Chart

All prices on base models and options are subject to change without notice.

Model Pricing

8.5' Wide Tandem and Triple Axle Gooseneck Trailers

The biggest and baddest of the breed, our 8.5' wide Tandem and Triple Axle Gooseneck Car Haulers are ideal for the most heavy duty tasks. Purpose built to accomodate even the largest projects, Goosenecks offer the space to serve as Car Haulers, permanent mobile storage, professional video and audio studios, refrigeration units and much more. Use our exclusive Assembly Line to build your own quote or Call Us today to have one custom built for you.

Size Model Price Deposit Buy Assembly Line
8.5'x24' 8.5x24-TA3D $8295.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x26' 8.5x26-TA3D $8495.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x28' 8.5x28-TA3D $8595.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x30' 8.5x30-TA3D $8795.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x32' 8.5x32-TA3D $8945.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x34' 8.5x34-TA3D $9250.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x36' 8.5x36-TR3D $10895.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x38' 8.5x38-TR3D $11,575.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x40' 8.5x40-TR3D $11745.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x44' 8.5x44-TR3D $12545.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x48' 8.5x48-TR3D $13695.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It
8.5'x52' 8.5x52-TR3D $14995.00 $1100.00 229-457-8609 Build It


When ordering, you will be charged the deposit only. The balance will be due when you pick up your finished trailer. Price is the total price for the base trailer plus options. Deposits are based on the total dollar amount of your order. Your balance due will equal the total price minus the total deposit.

Click Here For Additional Payment Details

Delivery & Pickup

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks from receipt of your payment for delivery / pick up. Trailers are manufactured in the order in which customer payments are received. Manufacture times generally run between 3 and 4 weeks, but could be a little less or a little more depending on our work load / back log at the time that your order is placed.
Please see our Delivery Options Page for more details.

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