Weight, Specs & Dimensions

Trailer Ground Clearance:

Standard Straight Axles

24" of Ground Clearance

Drop Axles

18" of Ground Clearance

*All Weights Given On This Page Are Approximate.

Tongue Specifications:

Tongue Weight
Can vary between 75lbs for 5' Wide Models to
250 lbs for 8.5' Wide Car Haulers.
Tongue Length
42 Inches
Triple Tube Tongue
54 Inches Or 60 Inches (Either Size Is Available)

Trailer Lengths:

All Trailer Lengths Equal:
Length of Trailer PLUS
44" for the tongue.

Download The Weight,
Specs & Dimensions PDF.

Rear Opening & Interior Dimensions

ModelInterior MeasurementRear Door Opening DimensionExterior Dimensions
5' Wide56" Wide X 60" Tall50" Wide X 55" TallOverall Width - 6'-8"
Overall Height - 7'-3" w/ Roof Vent
Interior Length Add 16" w/ V Nose
Interior Width - 56.5"
6' Wide68" Wide X 72" Tall63" Wide X 66" TallOverall Width - 7'-9"
Overall Height - 7'-3" w/ Roof Vent
Interior Length Add 16" w/ V Nose
Interior Width - 68" - 5'-8"
7' Wide80" Wide X 72" Tall75" Wide X 66.25" TallOverall width 8'-6"
Overall Height - 8' w/ Roof Vent
Interior Length w/ V Nose Add 24"
Interior Width - 80.5 - 6'-8.5"
8.5' Wide95" Wide X 78" Tall88" Wide X 75" Tall (Full Opening Width)
85.5" Between Spring Assist Cables
Overall Width - 101" (8'-5")
Overall Height - 8'-6" w/ Roof Vent
Interior Length Add 24" w/ V Nose
Interior Width - 96" (8')
Between Wheel Wells - 82.5"
Wheel Well Height - 11"
Wheel Well Width - 6"

3500lb Axle Trailer Weights

ModelGVWRGAWRPayloadEmpty Trailer Weight
5X10 SA299029902010980
5X12 SA2990299019501080
6X10 SA2990299018901100
6X12 SA2990299017901200
6X14 SA2990299016901300
6X10 TA7000700052001650
6X12 TA7000700052001800
6X14 TA7000700049402060
6X16 TA7000700047402260
6X18 TA7000700045402460
7X10 SA2990299017901200
7X12 SA2990299016901300
7X14 SA2990299015901400
7X12 TA7000700050401960
7X14 TA7000700048802120
7X16 TA7000700047402260
7X18 TA7000700045202480
7X20 TA7000700043602640
8X12 TA7000700046002400
8X14 TA7000700044002600
8X16 TA7000700042002800
8X18 TA7000700040003000
8X20 TA7000700038003200
8X22 TA7000700036003400
8X24 TA7000700034003600
8.5X16 CH7000700042002800
8.5X18 CH7000700040003000
8.5X20 CH7000700038003200
8.5X22 CH7000700035003400
8.5X24 CH7000700038003600

5200lb Axle Trailer Weights

ModelGVWRGAWRPayloadEmpty Trailer Weight
6X12 SA5,2005,20040001200
6X14 SA5,2005,20039001300
6X10 TA9990999092001200
6X12 TA9990999086001800
6X14 TA9990999083402060
6X16 TA9990999081402260
6X18 TA9990999079402460
7X10 SA5200520092001200
7X12 SA5200520091001300
7X14 SA5200520090001400
7X12 TA9990999084401960
7X14 TA9990999082802120
7X16 TA9990999081402260
7X18 TA9990999079202480
7X20 TA9990999077602640
8X12 TA9990999080002400
8X14 TA9990999078002600
8X16 TA9990999076002800
8X18 TA9990999074003000
8X20 TA9990999072003200
8X22 TA9990999070003400
8X24 TA9990999068003600
8.5X16 CH9990999076002800
8.5X18 CH9990999074003000
8.5X20 CH9990999072003200
8.5X22 CH9990999070003400
8.5X24 CH9990999068003600
8.5X26 CH9990999066003800
8.5X28 CH9990999064004000
8.5X30 CH9990999062004200
8.5X32 CH9990999060004400
8.5X34 CH9990999058004600
8.5X36 CH9990999056004800

7000lb Axle Trailer Weights

ModelGVWRGAWRPayloadEmpty Trailer Weight
6X12 SA7000700058001200
6X14 SA7000700057001300
6X10 TA1400014000128001200
6X12 TA1400014000122001800
6X14 TA1400014000119402060
6X16 TA1400014000117402260
6X18 TA1400014000115402460
7X10 SA7000700058001200
7X12 SA7000700057001300
7X14 SA7000700056001400
7X12 TA1400014000120401960
7X14 TA1400014000118802120
7X16 TA1400014000117402260
7X18 TA1400014000115202480
7X20 TA1400014000113602640
8X12 TA1400014000116002400
8X14 TA1400014000114002600
8X16 TA1400014000112002800
8X18 TA1400014000110003000
8X20 TA1400014000108003200
8X22 TA1400014000106003400
8X24 TA1400014000104003600
8.5X16 CH1400014000112002800
8.5X18 CH1400014000110003000
8.5X20 CH1400014000108003200
8.5X22 CH1400014000106003400
8.5X24 CH1400014000104003600
8.5X26 CH1400014000102003800
8.5X28 CH1400014000100004000
8.5X30 CH140001400098004200
8.5X32 CH140001400096004400
8.5X34 CH140001400094004600
8.5X36 CH140001400092004800
8.5X38 CH140001400090005000