Your Price is the total Price for the base trailer plus options. When ordering, you will be charged the deposit only. The deposit is calculated at 10% of the total price of your order (base model plus options). The balance will be due when you pick up your finished trailer. Your Balance due will equal the total Price minus the total Deposit.

Deposits and Pickup

Deposits WILL NOT be refunded after the trailer order has been processed & entered into production. Trailers MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL within 7 days of clearing production. We wil be happpy to store it on our yard until you are able to come and pick it up or have it delivered to you. See our Delivery Page for details. If you fail to pay for the trailer in full you will forfit your deposit and the trailer will be discounted and sold to the open dealer network.

Payment Methods

We accept credit card or PayPal for the deposit on your purchase. We offer PayPal as a secure way to make payments online. However, you do not need a PayPal account to complete your payment. You can pay your deposit with a credit card by phone if you prefer. The remaining balance must be paid by cash or bank certified check. We do not accept personal or company checks. Additionally, Wells Fargo Customers can take advantage of mobile banking, counter deposits & other additional options. Call Us for Details

Additional Info

After submitting a quote, we will contact you to verify your order. Please be sure to provide your email and phone number so that your order is not disregarded as spam. After we have verified your order,you will recieve an email verifing your payment of the deposit and we will also email you an invoice reflecting both the deposit paid and the balance due.

Let Us Help You

If you have any questions or concerns about using the quote form, your order or our payment policy, please Contact Us so that we can assist you. Our contact info and a contact form are provided at the bottom of every page.

Delivery Options

Too far to drive to pick up your new trailer? We understand and that's why we've partnerd with one of the nation's best delivery services to make sure that your trailer reaches you in factory new condition.

Downloadable PDFs

We have created several media resources to assist you with your trailer purchase. Be sure to have a look at some of our PDFs to learn more.


Buying a cargo trailer is a large investment. We understand that the price of your dream trailer can be a barrier in some instances. Fortunately, Sheffield Financial is always ready to help.